Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Safari in Africa; Make Your Dream A Reality

Most people have dreams; places they want to visit, things they'd love to experience and people they'd like to meet. High on this list for many is a trip to Africa and the opportunity to go on safari. Living in the Western world it's easy to forget nature and the simple beauty of the wild. Africa offers the chance to reconnect, to breathe deeply and slow the pace we live at, to open our eyes and see things we'd forgotten to look for. 
 Snow-capped mountains, blistering deserts, vast plains, steaming jungles, stunning beaches, extinct volcanoes, impenetrable forests, lush wetlands, mighty rivers, roaring waterfalls. Africa is a continent of indescribably beauty and excitement. You can walk or canoe for miles and see nobody. You can look at the sky and see more stars than you believed existed. Experience safari against this backdrop and you will experience a holiday you will never forget. 

Safari HolidayThe excitement of game-viewing, searching for the animals in their natural environment as they go about their normal lives, is addictive and something that many of Real Africa's clients come back to do time and time again. Why? With the expertise Real Africa has developed over the years, they can ensure that your safari holiday exactly matches your interests and requirements. The style of accommodation, whether it be lodge or camp. Whether you want 4x4 vehicles, to explore on foot, to ride, canoe or travel by boat, all can be tailored into your perfect trip. 

In Tanzania, for example, you can explore the Ngorongoro Crater or cross the plains of the Serengeti in search of the Great Migration. You can gaze out over soda lakes or river valleys, looking at large herds of elephants feeding as they amble along. Using the expertise of Real Africa ensures you get the most out of your trip, exploring places you otherwise wouldn't have known about and staying at properties chosen for their stunning locations and hospitality.