Monday, 23 February 2015

Romance and Excitement; A Safari Holiday Makes a Perfect Honeymoon

There are few places as romantic as a luxury safari camp. Set in the heart of Africa, they are intimate and luxurious. A four poster bed set in the middle of stylish room, rugs lying on a polished teak floor, with an en suite bathroom boasting a free-standing bath. A private veranda with day bed, looking out on long viewed of the African landscape, positioned so as to give complete privacy. Combine this with delicious food, excellent service, camp fires. candles and tranquillity and you have the perfect honeymoon base. Add in the excitement of game-drives as you search for some of the most beautiful animals on the planet, and you have a honeymoon to remember.

Honeymoon Safari HolidayLet Us Advice You

Everybody had different interests and requirements. Some people want an intimate lodge, others a small, bespoke camp. Real Africa's knowledge of the [properties we sell, based on over 15 years of experience ensures you stay at the perfect property, thus ensuring that your safari honeymoon lives up to your expectations. We can offer fenced and unfenced camps, game-viewing by foot, vehicle, balloon or horse-back and a whole range of locations and accommodation options. 

 Let Us Inspire you
Want to go on safari but confused by all the options. Chat to one of our friendly and knowledgeable team who'll be able to advise of the best time and places to go. Perhaps you are looking at doing one of our Tanzania safaris but cannot decide which? A quick conversation with help explain the differences between that and ensure that you get to enjoy the safari holiday that is perfect for you. Just let us know when you want to travel and what you want to see, and we will inspire you with some options and itineraries that match and exceed these wishes. Go on, call us today on 00 44 1603 283 517.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

The Advantages of Booking Safari Holidays Through an Experienced Operator

Africa is a big place. From the jungles of Uganda to the sweeping plains of the Serengeti, the slopes of Kilimanjaro to the picturesque garden Route in South Africa. To get the most out of all these places you need to know when to visit and where to stay. Go during the wet season and the animals may be hidden by the long grass. Go during the wrong time of year to the wrong park and all the animals may have moved to somewhere else in search of grazing or water. These are the things you needs to know and the thinks Real Africa can advise you on. Everybody wants to see the Big Five: lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and buffalo, but you may have a special interest we can advise on to ensure you get the most out of your trip.

Safari Holiday
The right type of safari accommodation
Some people prefer to stay in lodges, often set in beautiful locations. On a Tanzania safari you can stay in a lodge perched on the lip of the Ngorongoro Crater, or one looking out from the Great Rift valley escarpment over Lake Manyara.. All are en suite. Others prefer to stay in the luxury permanent camps, a four poster bed standing on a teak floor and under a traditional thatched roof. These too are en suite, but lying in bed at night you get to hear the sounds of the African night all around you. We can listen to your requirements and make sure that you stay in a camp or lodge that is ideally positioned for the time you are travelling and with the amenities you want.

The Excitement of Safari 

Most people game drive in a 4x4 vehicle. On our Tanzania safari you are driven in a private vehicle by your own personal guide, who accompanies you throughout your visit. They will get to know your particular interests and be able to explain to you about the flora, fauna and everyday life. They are expert guides, fully qualified to lead safaris and know exactly where to go when to give the best chance of seeing the animals. If you want to do a walking safari, or go on a balloon ride it can all be organised for you so your safari holiday is a seamless experience.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Safari Holidays. Your Window on The Wild

To safari is to leave your everyday life behind, to travel through some of Africa’s most beautiful and iconic National Parks in search of some of the World’s most exciting creatures. The word itself means to go on a journey, and for those who choose to do it, they will go on a journey they will never forget. They get to see a Natural World where life is governed by the cycle of the seasons and the sun. Where the quest of the animals is to survive another day and to ensure their young are kept safe. The mists of dawn, the burning sunsets, sitting around camp fires, watching the stars. Things you don’t do or notice at home become part of your day and an integral part of this memorable experience. 

Safari HolidaysChoosing the style

Getting the right advice is crucial. Do you want to stay in a traditional lodge? Would you prefer a permanent camp, sleeping in a four-poster bed as you listen to the animals outside the canvas walls? Or a mobile camp, letting you stay in places far from the modern world? But which property should you stay in at any one time of year? Animals migrate, get the wrong place and there will be no game. Look at Real Africa’s portfolio and let us and our years of experience do the work.  

The wow factor
Our safaris are all tailor made, meaning that they are designed around your interests, requirements, preferences and budget. This way you get the most out of your holiday and ensure it has a real wow factor. On one of our Tanzania safari you can select between private camps, treehouses, idyllic beach retreats and superbly located lodges. You travel in a private 4x4 with one of our personal guides, ensuring you can stop whenever you want for however long you want. It you want the wow factor in your safari, start dreaming at

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Safari Holidays Should Be the Experience of A Lifetime

Sometimes you need a break, the chance to leave your life behind and experience something completely new. Perhaps you want to have an adventure, perhaps do something or visit somewhere you’ve always dreamed about. Going on safari fulfils this dream, to experience the landscapes of Africa while looking for some of the most iconic animals on Earth. There is the beauty of sunrise and sunset, huge skies of stars, breath-taking vistas and the excitement of the chase as you look for the Big Five. Combine this with the beautiful lodges and stunning camps on offer and you have a holiday of a lifetime. 

Safari HolidaysTalking to The Experts

 When planning a safari, you need to get advice from experts. Go at the wrong time of year and you will hit the long rains. Book into the wrong camp or lodge at the wrong time of year and there will be no animals in the area. The experience of the Real Africa consultants will make your safari holiday into an unforgettable journey. They will ensure you ae at the right place at the right time, staying in properties that match your requirements and budget and ensuring you get the most out of your trip by tailoring it to your interests.  

Your Safari is Financially Protected
Our safaris are all financially protected through our ATOL license. As they include flights, either international or domestic, all monies paid to us are fully protected. Book a Tanzania safari and you can look forward to the beauty of the Serengeti and Ngorongoro safe in the knowledge that your monies are all secure.

Monday, 26 January 2015

Make Your Honeymoon into The Safari Holiday of a Lifetime

Your honeymoon should be the ultimate holiday. It’s a unique time and one you want to remember for the rest of your life. Romance and relaxation are crucial and these characteristics can be found in abundance on a safari. The camps are small and intimate, all have pools and sundecks and what could be more romantic that a candlelit dinner out under the infinity of the African sky. Mix in the excitement of looking for the Big Five and finishing your trip on one of the World’s most beautiful beaches, and you have the foundations of an exceptional safari.

Safari Romance

Tailor-Made Safari Honeymoon ServiceLet us know the date of your wedding and we can suggest the perfect destination, based on your wishes and the prevailing weather in Africa. We can suggest properties to match your requirements, from tiny, intimate camps and private houses, to luxury lodges and resorts. We can match your safari to a beach break to end your trip, from Zanzibar or Mafia Island in Tanzania to Mozambique, Mauritius or the Seychelles.

Our Tailor-Made Safari Honeymoon Service

All our holidays are tailor-made, combining your interests and wishes with the expertise we have built up over the last 15 years. We will discuss with you the special deals available for honeymoon couples and suggest activities like balloon safaris and bush dinners that can make a great holiday a memorable honeymoon. Our Tanzania safaris, for example, can stay in small mobile camps, luxury permanent camps, boutique lodges or exclusive beach resorts. Contact us with your wedding date, and let us start planning the perfect safari honeymoon especially for you.

Monday, 19 January 2015

Our Safari Holidays are Unique Because All Our Clients Are Unique

All our clients are different so we ensure that the safari you go on is tailored to match your exact interests and priorities. If you are a keen amateur photographer we will put you in the most spectacular locations at the right time of year. If you like bird-watching we will ensure that you get to visit a variety of habitats that suit the species you are interested in and if you like plants we will advise the right time of year to visit. It's simple. Everybody wants to see the Big Five, giraffes, zebra and the other magnificent animals if Africa. With our expert guides, travelling in your own private vehicle, we can ensure you see the best of them, while still allowing you to indulge your own hobbies and passions.  
Stay where you want, how you want

Safari HolidaysFrom luxury lodges to intimate camps, exclusive resorts to boutique hotels, our selected portfolio offers safari properties that cater for all tastes. Some clients prefer to stay in lodges and we choice those that offer an authentic African feel, situated in the best locations. Others enjoy permanent camps, the excitement of traditional safari under canvas with the luxury of a comfortable bed, en suite bathroom and teak floor. Others enjoy the remoteness of mobile camps, tucked far out in the African wilderness or the bespoke luxury of a beach retreat, the Indian Ocean lapping at your feet.

Always the wildlife
So remember. When you plan your safari holiday, make sure it is your safari holiday and not a generic one put together by a tour company. safari is an experience, so make sure your experience is one you will never forget. Using Real Africa's expertise will ensure that you'll not only get to see the animals but also the part of Africa that appeals most to you. By the end of your trip, your guide will be your friend, and Africa will be in your blood.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

A Safari Holiday; The Trip of A Lifetime

When you plan your next holiday, remember that few things live up to the thrill and excitement of spending time with nature. From tangled rainforest to sweeping plains, meandering rivers to mountains and valleys, the landscapes of Africa showcase nature at its finest, and provide the perfect backdrop for the most spectacular animals on earth. Safari – the word itself conjures images of adventure and excitement. It is something everyone should try to experience. To wtnes the vastness and tranquillity of the wilderness, to explore landscapes devoid of man and the sole domain of the animals and birds. 

Tanzania Safari
There are different ways to experience it – on foot, in vehicles, on horse or by boat. There are different styles of accommodation, from temporary and fixed camps to lodges and hotels. Whatever your interests and budget, there is a safari perfect for you.

 Discovering The Best Accommodation For You
There are stunning lodges to stay at on safari, some situated within the National Parks and others in areas of wilderness under private conservation. All are en suite, most have swimming pools and most modern conveniences. Others like to stay in permanent camps, large tents built on teak floors and under thatched roves. They have en suite bathrooms and are furnished like an exclusive hotel, some with four-poster beds. You get the comfort of a lodge, with the added excitement of living within canvas walls allowing you to hear the sounds of the bush as you sleep. Others want to get to more remote areas, in which mobile camps – put up for one season only and moved every year – allows you to stay in areas little visited by other travelers.

 A Night Under African Skies
Whichever accommodation you choose, all are designed to allow you enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of Africa. On a Tanzania safari you might stay at a lodge perched high on the rim of the Ngorongoro Crater, offering long views over the Crater itself. You can then stay in a camp in the Serengeti, sitting beside a campfire, enjoying a sundowner as millions of stars appear in the sky overhead, a lion roaring in the distance. It is moments like this that make a safari a holiday of a lifetime.